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Stuck in an endless circle... [entries|friends|calendar]

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[08 Apr 2006|02:50pm]
This semester has been so crazy, hetic, stressful, fun, amazing, suprising, and well worth it.

Can't wait for Summer 2006, but I'm gonna enjoy the rest of this semester too.
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[19 Jan 2006|01:22pm]
Shit, this semester is going to be CRAZY.

What the hell did I get myself into?
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[23 Dec 2005|12:58am]
And this is why I love being home.
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[20 Dec 2005|10:50pm]
I came home today. To a house already decorated, a tree already up, lights on outside. Cookies already baked, my room resembling more of a closet, new couches. It just wasn't the same. Sure, I know, the world goes on without me, but the lights outside? That was always me and my mom's thing. I use to always "help" bake cookies. I don't know. It's just weird this year. It doesn't feel like Christmas. It's less than a week away. I have no idea what I still have to get or what to do. Do I have enough time? Did I forget something? I just don't know...

And that stupid programming final. I failed. I'll probably get a D for the semester. A D. I never got below a B as a final grade. Hell, I only got ONE C for a marking period. One. Why does it bother me so much? How could I fail? FAIL.

I can't get into the "Christmas Spirit" this year. Maybe because it's too close to all the stress from school and finals and everything, but it doesn't seem like Christmas. I'll tell you what I missed though. I missed nights like this with my family. Nights just laughing and doing stupid stuff. I honestly missed that.

I missed my dog. I know as strange as it sounds, I think he understands more than anyone. He'll just come up to me and rest his head on my lap, like he needs me. For than instance when all he needs from me is a simple scratch behind the ears, it's just so simple. He just understands.
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Nights like these... [17 Nov 2005|02:08am]
You have four years to be irresponsible here. Relax. Work is for people with jobs. You'll never remember class time, but you'll remember time you wasted hanging out with your friends. So, stay out late. Go out on a Tuesday with your friends when you have a paper due Wednesday. Spend money you don't have. Drink 'til sunrise. The work never ends, but college does...
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I just kind of want to run away tonight... [30 Oct 2005|11:15pm]
And I'm sure the view from heaven
beats the hell out of mine here
and if we all believe in heaven,
maybe we'll make it through
one more year down here...

Gary C. Dean- October 30, 2004...
You are truly missed.

So on the ride back today, Zippity DooDah came on and it got me thinking all nostalgic. I remembered when that was the only song my Dad would sing to us. Those times when Mommy worked nights and Daddy stayed with us. Those days when snack time was at 7 pm and bedtime was 8:30 and we had to beg him to let us watch the full house season finale when becky had the twins. When I would pretend to run away because I wasn't getting my way and wanted attention, and Beth would always notice I was gone and come out and get me even though I was just in the back yard. When we had feet fights on the couch, or rolled Daddy off of it when he was "sleeping". The boat, and fighting for it. When I would hang my hand down from the top bunk and it would annoy Beth, but I would still do it just to piss her off anyway. When I couldn't sleep so I would talk to her and she would even just mumble back to still make me feel okay. How it doesn't matter that I'm nineteen and I still need a teddy bear some nights to sleep.
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[26 Oct 2005|01:03am]
This has to stop. eventually, right?
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[24 Oct 2005|01:32pm]
I don't know what I want to do with my life!

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[08 Oct 2005|07:16pm]
my head is killing me today, but for some reason, it's okay.

This is probably a good sign.
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[06 Oct 2005|01:28am]
An update?

An update!

do you need anything more?
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[19 Sep 2005|02:15am]
I miss you.

And if you think this is about you, it is.
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[04 Sep 2005|12:39am]
nothing really worth writing here.

Tonight is harder. Don't know why.
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[25 Aug 2005|02:02pm]
I guess I've just realized it.

Not packing it all away in May, or coming home and unpacking what I needed, the rest sent to the attic. Now, bringing it all back down, seeing what is there, uncovering stuff I decided I didn't need for the summer.

It's really weird. We went into this knowing each other. Shopping before hand, excited together. I went into the year knowing you, and yet when we left, I knew less. Things happened along the year, yes, but when did it all just happen? When did we just stop? I remember now, the day you left, I missed you by five minutes. Five. He was there, getting all of his things, but your side was empty. I'd never seen it like that.

Things happen for a reason, or so I tell myself. Just moving all that stuff, realizing that this will not be last year, just struck me as odd.

I hope you haven't forgotten about me already, but if you have, it's alright.
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You kill me well. [23 Aug 2005|01:27am]
It hit me.
There is only a little more than a week of summer left.

This has easily been the best summer of my life. So many memories, laughs, good times.
More to come.

More to come.
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[19 Aug 2005|02:57pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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"Hey Karen! What's up Kare?" [17 Aug 2005|07:18pm]
Let's just say, despite all the pokes along the way, Canada was AMAZING.


Almost getting stopped by the border patrol was such a RUSH.

"I've been staring at 'Over the fucking falls' while you all slept."
"'Jesus H. Christ' Who said it?" "Joy, no one said it." "But I heard it."

Can't wait for the next time!

:D (<--- sincerity)
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[11 Aug 2005|11:21pm]
It's finally over!!!

Just one more day of work, then it's CANADA!!!!

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[08 Aug 2005|10:30pm]
I don't know.
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[05 Aug 2005|07:38am]
I've got a hot second before work.
but only a hot one.

I just had to say:

This is easily the best summer of my life.

...And it isn't even over yet.
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obviously. [31 Jul 2005|06:41pm]
the New Pornographers.

They've been downloaded for months now, but yet, I only hear a song or two, through the shuffle of Winamp.

Letting the cds play all the way through is wonderful. I can't believe it took me this long to make the connection between them and the cd Allison made me.

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